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Project Development Cycle

Approaching, Planning and Proposal

After understanding the needs of the project, our expert team will plan and develop a proposal that responds to the customer's need.

Solution Design and Development

Keeping the objective of project in mind, our team of experts will provide our technical know-how a long with our concept of providing our customers with a solution that meet their current needs and it is also a solution that is scalable and upgradable in the future.

After-sales Support and Maintenance

Call Center Proving 24/7/265 business & technical support services. Helpdesk service to report issues and generate a ticket and get the services as per severity levels and get support issues sorted.

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SysEDGE Technologies provides high-end and mission critical enterprise solutions meeting all your requirements to achieve your ultimate business goal. We offer consultancy services that span the entire IT lifecycle, from business process re-engineering to software system design, development and implementation. Our consultancy services are tailored to satisfy your business requirements with the help of our individual and combined experience in design, implementation, and management of IT and communication systems around the world.

We Provide Best We and
Mobile Apps Development

Enterprise Resource Planning Applications (ERP)

Desktop and E-Commerce Application

Data Management and Decision Support System

Documents and Information Management Solutions

Web-GIS Design and Development

Web and Mobile Applications Development

SysEDGE Technologies is an experienced software development company providing software development services within Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, and beyond. Our cost-effective solutions are built specifically for organizations by utilizing an intimate understanding of their business and industry landscape. We offer rich, user-friendly, and robust applications in combination with any modern database system. Moreover, our experienced team for the design and development of mobile Apps can build an app that will live up to your vision, enabling you to leverage mobility to maximize productivity.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

If you want to see a positive change on your corporate services and support functions so that you can leverage your profit making, the answer is to invest in ERP. This means you will build an integrated automation system for your corporate services and support functions. The benefits of having the integrated automation system include the following:

Documents and Information Management Solutions

We provide enabling technologies and solutions that allow you to control your digital knowledge products (electronic documents, records) and store them in a secure environment for easy retrieval, reuse and/or distribution/sharing to your intended recipients. Our solutions will enable you to define the roles of various users, access control and level of document security. While protecting your secret and confidential information, our solutions will help you get all information you need right away with ease, so that you can have better-informed decision making.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

GIS/Remote Sensing Application Development

We offer a wide range of GIS/Remote Sensing Application Development for the need of clients. By understanding the client's requirement, we are able to provide a tailor-made solution or provide our own platform named GeoEDGE Map Engine to obtain relevant data as required.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT brings your business together in unprecedented ways, resulting in increased process efficiencies, improved customer experience, and, ultimately, revenue growth. We provide a wide array of services in IoT space from Solutions Architecture, Device Design, Prototyping, Integrating, Cloud Engineering, Data Analytics, and Management. Our team is highly skilled in designing special-purpose custom hardware devices and firmware.
Avoid unnecessary on-site monitoring, resulting in reduced manual processes and lowered cost of maintenance. We provide bespoke solutions for various monitoring and predictive use cases. With our experience in sensor integration, power management, electronic signal processing, and data analytics, we have been instrumental in creating cutting-edge monitoring solutions for various purposes.

Digital Transformation

With the proliferation of technology, to remain competitive, brands must ensure they routinely deliver customer experiences that nurture a buyer into a brand advocate. TO do so, critical elements with the delivery of those products and services need to be properly aligned in a way that encourages increased product adoption and consumption.
We see several approaches to building consensus and expanding the vision to deliver truly delightful customer experiences. We help any organization to achieve this with our expertise to transform traditional, legacy or manual processes to the digital platform.