Agricultural Information Management System (AIMS)

  • Introduce an efficient Information Management System to the agriculture sector, to connect all stakeholders who are related to the agriculture industry.
  • Introduce a new algorithm “Index Base Insurance” to mitigate the time taken to calculate damage compensation and efficiency of the claim process.
  • Convert file-based raw data to digital data with the land plot information.
  • To increase efficiency of day-to-day work process and coordination with farmers and other stakeholders.
  • Centralized database and Information Management System
  • Baseline Data Repository for the use of all agencies attached to the agriculture sector.
Consists of a full system functionally including
the admin functions based on the user roles and restrictions.
Customized Dashboard
Data Management and Mapping

Agricultural Information Managment System (AIMS)

The first version, designed based on the need for the agricultural industry to function with a centralized database that will manage stakeholder details along with location mapping, keep a track of the products grown based on their life cycle, claim management, report generation, and yield calculation for projections and assessments. The system is designed in a way that further development can be managed easily, based on the user requirements.

GIS/MIS, Mobile App, Web Development
Agricultural & Agrarian Insurance Board